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Spring Fitness Tips

After the cold, dreary days of winter, we all want to head outside and celebrate during spring! But most people forget that they can use the beautiful weather to their advantage and lose some weight, much like they’ve forgotten the resolution they made a few months back to lose that weight in the first place. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy exercising outside and get the most out of the lovely spring days.

Prepare for Weather Changes

Later in spring, the weather tends to stabilize and produce lovely days nearly every day; however, in early spring, the weather has as many moods as a teenage girl and changes them just as frequently. It can be gorgeous and sunny one minute and the next will have freezing rain and gusting wind. If you’re going to really enjoy exercising outdoors, you need to be prepared for the weather to grow temperamental. Dress in layers to account for sudden chills or for things to warm up. Make sure your shoes are prepared for possible rain; some athletic wear manufacturers make waterproof shoes that can keep you from getting blisters in the rain or if you accidentally step in a puddle. Wear a light waterproof jacket or carry a poncho in a pocket for unexpected showers.

Buddy Up!

It’s way too beautiful outside to not get in some friend time too! Get a buddy to go for a jog or a walk with you, or get a group of friends together. A rousing round of Frisbee golf is just as much of a workout as a run, and it can be a good deal more fun. If your friends are less inclined towards cardio-intense workouts, consider taking them on a nature hike or exploring an outdoor farmer’s market for some light exercise and fresh air. Involving friends in your exercising can make for both a healthier and a happier you.

Remember to Eat Well

Remember that all the exercise in the world can’t combat a poor diet, so you need to be certain that a healthy, balanced diet with reasonable portion sizes is a part of your weight loss program and your overall wellness plan. Spring is when we begin to see many fruits and vegetables begin to come into season, so consider eating a more seasonal diet to amp up your nutrition.

If you are having issues with controlling your portion sizes or with weight loss overall despite maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen, a natural weight loss supplement could help you to reach your goals. Natural weight loss supplements can often boost your body’s ability to burn fat, and some of these supplements even contain appetite suppressants like Hoodia that may help you maintain portion controls with ease.